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Top 10 Construction Tech Startups on UK - 2021

As one of the least digitised industries, the construction sector struggles with poor project management and execution, risks undermining on-site safety, insufficient sustainability efforts, and more. Against this challenging backdrop, technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, IoT, and building information modeling (BIM) are emerging as game-changers, making the jobs of builders, contractors, and workers—among other stakeholders involved—much more efficient.

For example, AI helps optimise work schedules, enhance overall productivity of a project, and improve workplace safety. AI and cognitive technologies automate mundane yet essential tasks with few or zero errors, making the processes simple and time-efficient. AI also enables contractors and building managers to monitor construction sites using computer vision to analyse data in real-time and predict possible certainty problems, delays, or malfunctions.

Furthermore, technologies like augmented reality and virtual reality are playing a critical role in forecasting erosions in structures by running a computer simulation with determined close-to-reality settings. 3D printing is another innovative technology that is showing immense promise in the construction industry. Architects and engineers are leveraging 3D printing to create detailed models and produce particular real-size objects or parts that are otherwise difficult to manufacture. Another notable advantage of 3D printing is that it saves production costs on material waste and greatly reduces construction time. BIM, on the other hand, connects architects, engineers, and other stakeholders within a construction project and enables them to exchange and share information online and instantly implement it into their work process.

Beyond this, today, several construction-based startups are actively coming out with breakthrough solutions like modular buildings, smart materials generative designs, and more, taking the industry a step ahead of the traditional approach.

To assist companies in finding the right construction technology partner, Construction Tech Review has compiled a list of leading construction tech startups in Europe that are taking the industry by storm with their cutting-edge solutions and services. The enlisted organisations are transforming construction operations and processes at the convergence of several disruptive technologies. Besides, the magazine also comprises insights from thought leaders in the sector on the industry trends, best practices, recent innovations, and their advice for aspiring CIOs.

We present to you Construction Tech Review’s “Top 10 Construction Tech Startups in UK – 2021.”

    Top Construction Tech Startups on UK

  • Collab Advisor offers a 3D web-based standards and design management platform to improve collaboration between global teams and increase construction productivity. The company has designed an intuitive platform CentrePoint to bridge the gap between client technology standards and the actual construction quality. CentrePoint facilitates seamless and effective collaboration between a client, architect, contractors, and technology specialists. Its central repository can not only consolidate standards and provide the one source of truth but also de-clutter a project's scope for all stakeholders. Thus, each stakeholder selectively receives relevant and necessary information for the completion of their work in a clear visual format.

  • Offers a product that combines sophisticated data models with automation and a smooth user experience to help users make better decisions, minimize delays, and drive cost savings in capital and infrastructure projects.

  • Techfinity provides mission-critical B2B field data capture and management solutions, leveraging the benefits of mobile and the power of cloud computing

  • C-Link


    C-Link is subcontract procurement software built by QS’ to give everyone the benefits of having a skilful commercial department without the large overhead. C-Link replicates the expertise of a QS by creating professional tender packs and contract documents. The software also has a supply chain of prequalified subcontractors built into the platform allowing you to competitively tender every package and achieve best value every time. C-Link is proven to reduce construction costs by 5 to 12% and millions of pounds of procurement is done on C-Link every week

  • Correvate - Developers of Vercator Software

    Correvate - Developers of Vercator Software

    Correvate was formed to commercialise a technology that enables the automatic alignment and analysis of 3D point cloud datasets. The technology was initially created at University College London and is exclusively licensed to Correvate. It has since been enhanced by both Correvate and UCL. The technology can be applied to 3D point cloud datasets created using any scanning technology of any wavelength. Correvate’s first market sector is in ‘BIM’ – Building Information Modelling – where professionals such as surveyors, architects and construction engineers create a ‘digital twin’ of the target project, yielding improvements in productivity well-recognised both by the professionals themselves and by the grant-giving teams in the UK’s Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy

  • CraneX Construction

    CraneX Construction

    CraneX is an automated construction technology that is 70% faster than traditional methods and requires 80% less manpower to build low-to-high-rise buildings. CraneX replaces the use of conventional cranes with robotic column-installation-lift actuators. All pre-manufactured components are assembled on the ground. The key innovation lies within dual-core columns that form the entire steel framework of the superstructure, as well as providing power and traction for the robotic lift actuators to ascend and descend, while simultaneously self-erecting on its own mass

  • nPlan


    nPlan are building the world's first system to understand construction project planning. nPlan makes heavy use of machine learning to predict outcomes of construction projects before the first shovel hits the ground. The company's vision is that all construction projects should be built on time and budget, through a better understanding of plan outcomes. nPlan are bringing certainty of the outcome to the industry, eliminating the crippling effects of poor planning to create a world where they have de-risked building infrastructure, enabling the construction of better buildings

  • Oculo


    Oculo is using AI and deep tech to improve construction industry productivity and make on time delivery the norm, not an exception. Thousands of smart, highly skilled engineers are wasting hours every day on site documentation, progress tracking, and reporting which should be automated. The company is on a mission to simplify those processes and give them back that time. Oculo uses 360 cameras, state-of-the-art computer vision and artificial intelligence to give a single source of truth for for onsite progress

  • Qualis Flow

    Qualis Flow

    Qualis Flow is a construction technology company that enables a positive shift in the way teams collect and use environmental data on live construction sites. Qflow was developed to enable the construction industry to work more sustainably. Since its inception, Qflow has helped construction teams deliver their projects more sustainably by avoiding unnecessary production of waste and enabling responsible sourcing of materials. Through automated data collection and analysis, contractors and developers are enabled to data driven decisions on site and proactively improve sustainability

  • XYZ Reality

    XYZ Reality

    XYZ Reality is the UK start-up behind HoloSite, the world’s first Engineering Grade Augmented Reality device. On a mission to eliminate 2D in its entirety and bring an industry in decline back to life, XYZ Reality is enabling construction workers around the world to build from holograms and it’s making a huge dent on the 77% of megaprojects that overrun globally. Construction workers can now view and position design models on site to 5mm accuracy and make real-time decisions in the field. The ground-breaking technology also significantly eliminates errors out of tolerance and reduces the time taken from set-out to build

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