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Shameel Rahman, MD, TechfinityShameel Rahman, MD
The accurate capture and visibility of field data plays a decisive role in making informed business decisions that help improve customer service, productivity, efficiency, and quality of work in many field-based sectors. Shameel Rahman, the MD of Techfinity, lays out three critical issues plaguing field management functions in the utilities, construction, energy sectors, and beyond. “Due to unreliability, bad design and technical inefficiencies of data capture systems, the users are suffering,” says Rahman. Despite their exorbitant price tags, these solutions typically provide a poor fit to business needs with many also failing to deliver to modern expectations around reliability and speed of data visibility from the field. In an ocean of unreliable partners, UK-based Techfinity stands a cut above the rest. Through its FieldViewer solution, the company provides intuitive field service management that enjoys high levels of user satisfaction whilst facilitating sub-second delivery of relevant data with over-the-air updates and no downtime or outages.

Available as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), FieldViewer can be accessed seamlessly from a website and in an app model suitable for smartphones and tablets. “With our solution in hand, customers can remotely supervise, capture timesheets, make risk assessments, perform health and safety reporting and auditing on a real-time basis, effortlessly and accurately,” affirms Rahman. Furthermore, its efficient architecture allows users to capture a higher quality of on-site photographic evidence without consuming vast amounts of mobile data, thereby reducing such expenditure as well. For example, customers typically see a reduction of 25-50 percent in fuel costs and travel due to highly reliable real-time remote supervision capabilities.
Furthermore, one utilities customer increased productivity by half a day per week, per field worker, after undertaking just a basic implementation of FieldViewer. What makes the company unique is its approach of working with customers to tailor each system in order to provide an individual fit to the customer needs. Working with a unique “outcome focused” approach, Techfinity provides a fully managed service that provides clarity of business outcomes without the need for customers to understand complex technical requirements. Techfinity’s services allow customers to be agile by deploying solutions in successive stages - at no additional cost - thus more improvements are delivered incrementally and over shorter periods which remove the issue of “big-bang” changes and the associated change management complexities. Once a customer is up and running, Techfinity remain on hand to assist with new process and data capture requirements as they evolve.
  • Customers can remotely supervise, capture timesheets, make risk assessments, perform health and safety reporting and auditing on a real-time basis, effortlessly and accurately

Techfinity’s prowess in delivering user-friendly and reliable field data management solutions can be highlighted from its engagement with a company that previously used paper-based timesheets. Manually consolidating and validating timesheets for a payroll of 200 plus employees was cumbersome for the client and took away two days out of every week from admin staff. However, once the client incorporated the FieldViewer solution into its workflow, management could obtain reliable timesheet data on a real-time basis resulting in a 75 percent reduction in the admin burden.

Following its highly successful field service management credentials, Techfinity is incorporating innovative solutions to improve the culture and productivity of its customer’s work environment. The company’s HappyApp solution allows its customers to assess the wellbeing and mental health of staff over time. The solution has shown impressive results with current customers who have reduced staff attrition, sick leave and even accidents in the workplace. One such customer has experienced significant savings in staff recruitment and training costs by utilising the HappyApp data to reduce staff turnover by 50 percent. HappyApp can help companies to provide early intervention to employees who may be suffering from mental health or related issues but it also allows customers to track the effectiveness of wider organizational policies and changes and understand the impact this has on wellbeing.

Without resting on such success stories, Techfinity is already looking to expand its range of offerings and its geographical footprint outside the UK, specifically in Europe and the Middle East. The company is also on the lookout for like-minded organizations to partner with and establish itself as a global leader in this domain.
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Shameel Rahman, MD

Techfinity provides mission-critical B2B field data capture and management solutions, leveraging the benefits of mobile and the power of cloud computing

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